The First Advertising Agency for Attorneys

We have opened a new division within our agency, solely for Attorney Firms.

The Attorney profession and the way it presents itself to the public has been regulated in part by statute, common law, and the profession's governing body. Traditionally, advertising for attorneys has been uncommon.

Due, however, to the birth of the age of technology we have seen television commercials, radio commercials, billboards, and digital marketing become accepted as a form of advertising for the profession.

Notwithstanding the above, rules still exist within law which regulate how Attorneys present themselves to the public and in turn how they advertise. Accordingly, the time has never been better for a specialist agency to exist which can offer both knowledge of marketing and knowledge of the rules of the profession.

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One Legal Advertising is accordingly a niche advertising agency in that it is run by Attorneys and creatives who merge their combined skills to provide a specialist marketing solution.

The agency can be found at, contacted on 0822103673, or located on Floor 3, Bedford Centre Mall Office Park, Bedford Centre, Gauteng, South Africa.

One Legal Advertising. For Attorneys, by Attorneys.

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